Pool session information and prices


  1. Three 40 minute sessions each Wednesday evening
  2. 1st session -8.00 until 8.40; 2nd session - 8.40 until 9.20; 3rd session – 9.20 until 10.00
  3. Any or all sessions will be available on the night on a first come basis in the order of, pre booked taster session or beginners course, then members.
  4. Visitors will only be accepted for remaining places 10 minutes before session start time. On the fifth visit membership must be obtained to continue using the club
  5. Polo only will be run on the last session of the first Wednesday of every month and the middle session of the third Wednesday of the month all abilities are welcome (non-contact rules apply) anyone not wishing to polo should not attend that session
  6. Individual coaching is free to all subject to availability please ask.


Single Session (8.00pm – 8.40pm)

Juniors: Member - £4.00 Non-Member £6.00
Adults: Member – £5.00 Non-Member £7.00

Double Session (8.40pm – 9.20pm)

Juniors: Member - £7.00 Non-Member £11.00
Adults: Member – £8.00 Non-Member £13.00

Triple Session (9.20pm – 10.00pm)

Juniors: Member – £10.00 Non-Member £14.00
Adults: Member – £11.00 Non-Member £15.00


Juniors: BCU Member – £20.00 Non-BCU Member £25.00
Adults: BCU Member – £25.00 Non-BCU Member £30.00
Family: BCU Member – £45.00 Non-BCU Member £50.00

Taster Sessions - these are charged at non-members rate.

Workshops - £1.00 on top of session price, both members and non-members

Weekend River Sessions - free for members not requiring specific coaching if using their own kit. Any paddlers using club kit requiring coaching a single session charge is applicable.


Beginners courses. Adult Visitor – £32 Junior visitor – £28

Families (3 or more) one goes free

We can also arrange specific courses for organisations, such as Scouts. For more information contact our coach cordinator here.


Free for pool sessions.
Canoe – double session fee Kayak -single session feee